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Thread: Pog's sterling....

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    I've seen that type of pipe before - it's pukka hydraulic hose (I have the same type on my hydraulic throttle assembly - which is US sourced), but I have found the unions to be a weak point - they use a brass olive over the end of the pipe and then a threaded compression fitting to secure it. On two occasions now my throttle union has loosened at the master cylinder end and allowed fluid to leak out - the first time I was on my way to Stanford Hall in the Midlands, about 100 miles from home, and in the middle of a torrential downpour when I found that I could only get part-throttle with my foot to the boards! Fortunately I managed to nurse the car home before I lost all throttle travel.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the compression fitting allowed the Nylon tube to fly off under pressure Pog. So I would recommend replacement as well, I'm sorry to say.

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    Glad that all is intact (Windscreen) for starters. God advice to use made to measure swagged fitting for the canopy. Would hurt if it hit you on the way down if it broke again.

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    I have always recommended using gas struts in parallel to take the load with the hydraulics (or electrics) to move so removing the slam down if rams fail. also makes a better, smother job of moving the canopy.

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    I am beginning to believe I just screwed up 10 years ago and never fully compressed this particular fitting. I was able to slide the compression piece back over the tube which should not be able to happen if properly installed in the first place. It's back on and goes up and down.

    Like I said before though I will be getting new lines made to utilize stronger fittings though.

    Hoping to get caught back up in the wiring soon and then move on to the engine!

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    Ok, I have 0 idea where I left off with the wiring... this could be a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vpogv View Post
    Ok, I have 0 idea where I left off with the wiring... this could be a while.
    Did you document any of it in you build diaries on the nova or sterling site??

    Or you can look for wires not connected to anything and start there

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