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Thread: Pog's sterling....

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    Your system is missing the shroud that covers the big nut on the wiper spindle on Bretts setup. Is that the reason yours is looking as if it protrudes too far?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vpogv View Post
    Don't think spacing the motor down is an option as there is no room as it sits against the dash.
    Motor is bolted directly to the mounting bracket with no adjustments. You would have to shim up the whole wiper assembly to get the pivot shaft located where you would like.
    There is no adjustments to the pivot shaft assembly either. It bolts directly to the bracket so the only way for adjustments would be to install one that has a shorter length or longer what ever the case may be.

    Now this is all based on if the wiper assembly was put together and installed right

    My wiper assembly has no spacers and is bolted flush to the canopy.

    This picture I just grabbed off the web to show that there are no adjustments to the motor or pivot shaft


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