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Thread: We need your help...

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    Re: We need your help...

    Have posted my vote, I think the figures start to tell a story anyhow

    I am all for the intergration, and don't feel it should cause any issues. Many of us join 2 or more car clubs anyhow - I have recently let my beach buggy club memebership lapse, but having enjoyed their support and company at recent shows will rejoin this year.

    I see Club Nova as a real UK show club, and these forums as a great way of getting advice worldwide. When I was having major problems the US and Oz posts kept me sane - the rest of the UK was in bed !!

    Club Nova has helped me hugely, with home visits, subsidized parts etc etc

    Equally my build wouldn't have been possible without Nova Int and Euronova. I have contirubuted what i can afford to Euronova, as I apreciate the work required to keep it active. If donations were mandatory I would pay, and pay for ClubNova. We all pay for legal ccover etc with insurance premiums and rarely call on it. A £10-£15 fee here, even if twice over is priceless for the return on investment you get.

    Any Club Nova private area shouldn't be seen as Elitist, just a 'room' where Club members can catch up and arrange shows etc, that the US contingent may not need to follow .

    If you go the the new beach buggy forums in the UK they follow a Euronova format but have a SDBC (Southern Dune Buggies Club) section - no arguments there.

    Let's play nicely together -

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    Re: We need your help...

    Hi all

    Aparently I am the voice of club Nova/Avante. I would like to thank bobby brown, letterman 7 and Alzax3 for continuing to keep Nova/Avante alive. The club Nova slot will be paid for by club Nova to help and support Euro-Nova. (Fact) 80% of club Nova members post on Euro-Nova any way.

    I have discused rolling over club membership and now you can buy a membership package as a christmas present. Contact this e-mail if you want a membership
    but I need help for show time, that is what the club Nova slot is about. we have good links with CKC (complete kit car mag) and i guarantee you will see nena in the close future thanks to jim73vw

    Any questions ring my home number: 01452 540 767


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    Re: We need your help...


    Thanks Ben. Just read your post and you left an 'e' out of my name.


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    Re: We need your help...

    I've put the 'e' back in Ben's post to avoid any lost mail!

    I should also point out to those who don't know and who might be afraid of a club run by an unknown nameless 'them':

    Ben, Elaine (actually Elaine and Mike but they share a username on this forum)(and they have been members for ages, but had to sign up again recently due to a changing ISPs problem ) Paul Fryer (angelsdevil040) and I are the Club Nova officials as of the AGM at Stoneleigh this year. (Albeit my official duty is liasion between the club and Euro-Nova. ) All of us want to ensure the continuation and growth of both Euro-Nova and Club Nova/Avante, and as far as I know, none of us are axe-murderers, terrorists or wish to overthrow the management and steal Euro-Nova
    It's a 52 year old car and everything works, just not always at the same time.......and it's probably about to get jealous!
    *Donate to Euro-Nova today!*

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    Re: We need your help...

    The general consensus so far is looking good, there are a few people with concerns, and I have had a few emails stating these concerns.

    I'm very busy today but I will get back to you about these concerns, see if I can put you at ease a little.
    It may not be until tomorrow, but anyone that knows me or has emailed me before, will know that you will get a reply.

    I'm still holding off on this for a few days, I want to make sure that the members we have here are happy first, and that means everyone, so if you haven't spoken up yet, feel free.

    I won't be on much today, as I said earlier I'm very busy today.

    Ben, nice to speak to you last night.

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    Re: We need your help...

    the joining of forces make's a stronger community.

    Having just lost the community that I have spent years learning from and interacting with.
    in a single moment ( reminded me of loosing the old nova-int. site.. it was horrible.


    Its tragic when ego gets in the way of knowledge or happenstance in the way of community.

    If this is who WE ALL ARE ----> <--- and why we all are here and own the cars we do...

    then let us get together. Support our communities by contributing to them so that we can benefit from them.
    If there is a local club... join it. support creating more knowledge... sharing more knowledge.

    If you use this site, support it.
    If more people use it, and more support it, it lives longer.
    we learn more from each other, we become stronger as individuals and as community.
    Black white pink green man woman who cares!
    Lets build share drive learn from create connections to our global community.
    I love having friends all over the world that stand there staring and dreaming at the same thing I do, our car.

    Come stand with me now friends all together and share what we know with each other...
    Drinks would be on me if you all were here.
    CCC | Sterling #00551
    Owner Since - well, a long time.

    - the time has come to re-design / build her -
    - I can do this sort of stuff... now, so I have faith -

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    Re: We need your help...

    I thought that an affiliation between Euro-Nova & Club Nova would be great. Club Nova MSN forum is practically dead now and as Ben said earlier most of the members are here.

    Club Nova is going to pay towards the running costs of Euro-Nova and help to promote the site with banners & stuff at shows.

    I hope that we can sort something out but if not so be it


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    Re: We need your help...

    Hi all

    At the end of the day it will be up to bobbybrown to make his decision. If he says no, nothing lost.
    I have promsied him that the Euro-Nova banner will be flying next to the Club Nova/Avante banner at Newark kit car show June 21&22. I will follow the site stats with great interest.

    Just remember Euro-Nova is a global site if the sterling or reek club wanted to be affiliated to Euro-Nova would there be a problem?


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    Re: We need your help...

    Hi All,

    First i will introduce myself to those who dont know me. I'm Paul Fryer, chairman of club nova. I appologies for not being around much but have my own issues to deal with, which some of you know about.

    There seems to be a bit of confusion over club nova having an area on Euro-nova site, where just club nova business will be discussed. The area is purely for info to do with organising club events i.e. shows and meets, shopping lists for events and who gets to clean the BBQ. All other chat would be carried out in the normal euro-nova pages.

    Club Nova/avante would be contributing to the site, money wise and i would also be advising the club nova members to donate to euro-nova, to keep such a good site going. Club nova has no intention of trying to take over the site. Its Dan's site and Club nova just want to be a small part of it.

    I hope this has cleared up a few issues that people have.



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    Re: We need your help...

    I second every one of the last 4 posts.

    Ben is right, at the end of the day I will be making the decision, based on the poll so far I do have a decision, but will give it another day to grow a little more.

    I also think he's right, if the sterling or reek club wanted a forum on Euro-Nova I don't think it would raise many issues, the issues are only here because its CN that wants affiliation.

    What I would like all concerned to understand is, any problems with CN in the past are just that, in the past.
    I have personally spoken to Paul, Elaine and Ben on the telephone for large amounts of time. Ben for example was on the phone to me for over 20 minutes while I was catching hypothermia in the car park of the local Asda after finishing my shopping!
    I can honestly say, there are none of the problems that existed with Nova International between CN and Euro-Nova.
    We all have the same agenda, which is not to cause chaos, but to look after and try to increase the knowledge of the Nova and to get as much information and knowledge together in one place as possible.

    Anyone here who posts on the MSN forums of CN know that they have long been dead since Euro-Nova started, and I can see why. Out of an MSN forum and a properly hosted and maintained site, people will choose Euro-Nova everytime.
    Lets give CN a small piece of this.

    As long as the members keep donating as they have been in the past to Euro-Nova, then it can be nothing but good.
    Club Nova will be paying for the slot on the site, which will help with the site fees, by about 25%!
    How can that be a bad thing?
    You all know it costs a lot of money to keep this site going, nothing will change for the majority of you, it will still be here, exactly the same.

    All that will be different is one small room called Club Nova Forum, where they discuss planning of the shows, and as paul said, who gets to clean the BBQ! How interesting is that?

    Everyone will be able to read the forum, so I don't really see why its causing such a big problem, if it was completely private then I would understand, you may be missing out on something, but a few people have emailed me over the past few days saying they aren't members of CN and don't want to be, which is fine.

    Everyone would be able to read the forum, but only the members of Club Nova would be able to post in there, and when the topics are about shows and BBQ's, what does it matter?

    All other posts, to do with technical items or mechanical problems, wiring or fibreglass work, will be posted on the main forum as they are anyway.

    Nothing will change. Except the cost to run the site will drop which means it will be easier for me, and all the loyal donating members of Euro-Nova to keep up with.

    If it does turn that donations drop, we will have to see about making them mandatory in the future, but thats a long way off yet and we would have to cross that bridge when and if we came to it.

    Letting CN have a small piece of Euro-Nova can't be a bad thing. I don't think it will happen, but you can all rest assured, that if CN do anything that even hints at trying to take over, or causing problems for the rest of the site, they will be out of here.

    At the end of the day, its me who has complete and utter control over Euro-Nova, you don't have to worry.

    I've put a hell of a lot of work in to this place, with work going in to the thousands of £ if I were doing it as a commission to someone else, you can't seriously think I would let anything happen to it?

    Don't worry guys, just have an open mind for now, and please try to remember, what you're all worrying about is stuff that happened in the past, not now, and not with Euro-Nova.

    I know a lot of you have issues with DJH and the old site, but come on, every single one of you have to admit, on Euro-Nova, he has been nothing but a sincere and helpful member, even DONATING last year!

    Just think about what I have said. My final decision will be made tomorrow, Tuesday 27th May.

    There will be a mass PM sent out when the decision has been made.

    Of course, the entire admin team are involved with this, and I can guarantee that what I have said in this post will have the backing of both Rick and Alex.


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