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Thread: We need your help...

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    Re: We need your help...

    Hi people
    I'd just like to add my two bob's worth from my little corner Essex.
    I dont know anything of the past politics of what happened between Nova International and Club Nova and I dont want to know either, I had more than enough aggro when Nova was in the hands of Graham Slayford , He wasn't as it turned out the most astute business man to ever run a company, he had lots of grand ideas etc etc and he asked to use my car for some of his advertising and promotional demo's ....... well would you say no if the owner asked if they could put your car in their brochure ? The fact that Nova cars set up their factory 30 yards from the place I worked at meant that i was happy to let him use it as a demo when people went to the factory and it was often parked outside, However when Nova cars under Slayford management went t*ts up , I had dozens of people turning up where I worked Having a go at me wanting their parts or money because my Nova was outside my place of work next to a closed Nova factory therefore I must know where G.S was and where all their cash was.
    This ultimatly was the major reason why my car went into my lock up and stayed there for the next 12 years.
    So with that in mind, i'm with BB ..... If it starts getting political then i'd be away.
    However my opinion is that Euro-Nova is far too valuable an asset to lose and I believe Dan and the other admin guys wouldn't let that happen, I was happy to contribute last time and id be happy to next time.......... Equally Club Nova are the ones who will be giving me an officially recognised club area and place to park my car when i get to any of the shows, so on that basis alone im happy to renew my membership.
    We are all adults and passionate about the cars we have or all this uproar would not have occured, Let Dan do his job and let Club Nova do theirs..... Working together gets far more achieved what working alone.
    Ooops...... think i spent more than two bob.... sorry

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    Re: We need your help...

    Big Birds Car (Paul) sent me a PM this morning, regarding what I posted earlier.
    He said he doesn't mind if I post it up, to help anyone else that was thinking along the same lines as he was.

    Here is the message:
    Dan, I'm a little happier with the fact that their portion of the site will be readable by all, just not able to post in their bit is fine. The original description made it look like it would be an "us only" bit of the site which no-one else would be able to see and that was the worrying thing for me as it starts exactly what I said yesterday about club splits and an us and them situation.

    I realise that you have put an awful lot of your time into this site, I've enjoyed it, had help from it, hopefully helped some others and had a laugh as well. I would be sad to see it go the way Nova International went and that is, and probably always would be, my concern.

    I would now be happy to move my concerns from my original vote to the item that states something along the lines of for it but with issues (not sure if that is the exact wording).

    One last thing, you can't please everyone all the time so do what you think is best, I think my biggest concern has been removed and although I can't vouch for anyone else, as I haven't spoken or mailed anyone else, I should think that so long as you keep an eye on things and Club Nova are transparent there shouldn't be an issue.

    If you wish to post this reply up on the site for others to see and help make their minds up one way or another then be my guest as I have no problems with that at all, it may help some who were thinking along the same lines as myself.

    I can personally guarantee you that Euro-Nova is safe, and always will be as long as people keep donating.
    As you know, without donations, Euro-Nova is as good as dead and buried.

    Final decision will be broadcast tomorrow, but at the moment I must say it is leaning in the direction of giving Club Nova the section that they want.

    On the condition that the section will be readable by all, but only postable by Club Nova members, that way everyone can see what is going on, and nothing is hidden from anyone.

    This thread is now locked.
    Any more concerns then either PM me or email me.

    There will be a mass PM sent out tomorrow.

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