Haven't posted these for a while, thought it might be nice for you to see how much better we're doing than the last time these were posted

Successful requests: 372,203
Average successful requests per day: 12,006
Successful requests for pages: 53,362
Failed requests: 102
Redirected requests: 21
Distinct files requested: 10,795
Distinct hosts served: 364
Data transferred: 4.89 gigabytes
Average data transferred per day: 294.10 megabytes

To add to this, this is about search engines:

Different Search Keyphrases: 236
Different Search Keywords: 432

47.4% of visitors this month have added us to their favourites!

64 different pages around the world wide web have links to Euro-Nova on them and they are supplying 9% of the monthly visitors.

All in all, I'm quite pleased.

The site bandwidth will need upgrading soon, as we are getting very close to the limit each month, when we first started here we used to use about 20%, now we're closer to 90%.
The site space isn't looking too bad either, if we try to keep it down by deleting PM's and trying not to use the attachmnt feature on the forum, instead use photobucket we should be just fine for quite a while longer!!

The site bandwidth will be upgraded when donations open again at the end of this year.

Well done folks, good stuff and fantastic figures!