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Thread: Show us your rear end!

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    Re: Show us your rear end!

    Heres my "pretty much as supplied by the Elams cica 1982" rear end
    which i hope to be wiggling at Detling this year.
    Some really interesting variations going on here.

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    Re: Show us your rear end!

    OOO, thats me on that bottom picture of Steve's car

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    Re: Show us your rear end!

    I am having computer issues and will post at a later date my finished product.. A couple of days probably

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    Re: Show us your rear end!

    Heres an inprogress picture but pretty much what I have in mind minus the skirting that I have in place as of last night.

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    Re: Show us your rear end!

    I do really hate photobucket while Im at work, or I should say my business computers hate photobucket. I cant see but maybe 3 pics of this thread

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    Re: Show us your rear end!

    Here's my rear...


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    Since it was just brought back up on the US board I thought I would throw my completed rear up here.

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    A work in progress.

    This is still a work in progress.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I do love that this thread is still running.

    Was after some inspiration the other evening and flicked through - even finding my last post with Nena's rear end!

    Anyhow, some progress has been had on the latest project - the body is bolted up to the chassis finally, and yesterday I clamped the heavily repaired rear bumper in place.

    The light inner panel was from David (Islandman) and has been repaired and painted, and was briefly hung onto the bumper to make it look a bit more car like. It got the thumbs up from Martha - she is finally starting to believe this pile of bits may become a car!

    And before someone points out the obvious - yes I know the fuel filler needs shortening! Also there is only a bare engine fitted currently, so more weight will follow, and shorter coilovers to get the rear end down a bit.
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    Nice to see that you are making very good progress.


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