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Thread: Second time lucky

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    Second time lucky

    Nena's second MOT, and a pass at the second attempt

    3 simple points to address to pass the re-test:

    Sidelights were incorrectly wired to VW switch so they went off with ignition, but mans stayed on.

    Rear cross car brake line needed a support in centre

    Rear braided hoses can rub shock at certain point so protection needed (will re route at some point)

    Total cost of alterations £00000

    Feeling of joy and pleasure of drive home - priceless
    All the best,


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    Re: Second time lucky


    It's nice to start the MOT collection. Great news and I know what you mean about the drive home.

    Detling will be a nice warm up for what is sure to be a HUGE Stones!

    Cant wait

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    Re: Second time lucky

    Well done Jim.

    Glad my MoT man didn't check my lights as the ignition has to be on for everything except the hazards, horn and roof to work. See you a Detling.

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    MicksRedNova2 may take as long as the original!!

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