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Thread: Photo Competition

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    Re: Photo Competition


    These were taken last Sunday 13th jan while test driving, not a very sunny day though.
    We were on the car yesterday between 8am and 4.30pm in all the snow and 8am to 12pm today taking starter motor off to strip and clean as we needed to tap it with a hammer to get it to start. The bolts we're extremely hard to undo, we had to heat them up. Been very cold but seemed to have fixed the problem now. All the problems with the starter we're down to water getting into the bell housing on the new adapter. also fitted new power valve diaphragm to the weber, upgraded coil and re gaped the plugs.

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    Re: Photo Competition

    That has got to be one of the best fitting canopies I have ever seen on a Nova, excellent work.
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    Re: Photo Competition

    yeah thanks keithcanfixit, it was the worse fitting roof i had ever seen, at the shows or on the net ,nearly an inch overhang in places and half in higher when shut , it took a considerable amount of time to get it looking like it does now , then i find out the hard way that many body fillers are not suitable for grp and that ruins the end result and makes it so annoying . but hay we plod on with it all . i thank you for your great comments .

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    Re: Photo Competition

    OK,so now you have my attention,given the front of my canopy sits at least 3/4" high .was it just a case of sanding,checking and more sanding ect.


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    Re: Photo Competition

    hi i wish it was that simple, when i say it was the worse id ever seen that was an understatement, the canopy was so over size that it had to be belt sanded back that much that i went completely through it.the whole edge around the canopy had to have a steel reinforcement bonded to it so there was something to work off, using u pol easy sand wasnt man enough for the job or much of all there other range, how ever ive come across there newish one called u pol fantastic , designed to bond strongly to galvanize and most plastics and allow flexing, we are waiting to see how this one pans out. and yes a lot of sanding.

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    Re: Photo Competition

    Very interesting, thanks for the information on products and pointers

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    Re: Photo Competition

    Great pics thanks for posting.

    You mentioned smoothing out the floorpan with new metal and a "lowered steel structure" ...
    Was that done to stiffen the chassis? What do you mean by lowered steel structure?
    Did you make any other floorpan or chassis mods?
    Just curious


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    Re: Photo Competition

    Just thought I'd quickly say how much I like Yessong's Nova. True to form and excellently presented.


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    Re: Photo Competition

    hello steve, the steel structure you refer to is the straight line along the bottom of the car, that is a 90 degree galvanise steel leangth, the underneath of original car is nowhere near wide enough to do this body modification, so lining that up to the full wideness of the car and welding braces from it back to the original chassis, then weld a new floor to that ,there has been a huge amount gone into it . we will post pics of work carried since 1999 soon . regards kev .

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