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Thread: My first enquiry

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    My first enquiry

    I have only recently joined the club, I only got my first nova on the 1st Jan this year, but my wife of 28yrs did not know, and I am still getting my bo---cks chewed, (not in the nice way) what I am looking for is ideas dashboard related. Please send any ideas to my email address,, I am still struggling to get to grips with this web site. (not your fault, I am 54yrs old and com stupid)

    Cheers Bananaman AKA Graeme Clark

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    Re: My first enquiry

    Quote Originally Posted by bananaman
    I have only recently joined the club. am still struggling to get to grips with this web site. (not your fault, I am 54yrs old and com stupid)

    Welcome to the website and forum. Where in the country are you? You can update your profile on this website to show where you live, (we have viewers from many countries) which helps people relate to your issues.
    Assuming that you are based in the UK somewhere are you intending to visit Stoneleigh or Newark shows? If so come along to the Club Nova / Avante stand and meet up. A number of the users of this website/forum are also members of the Club.

    On the second point, you are not alone in age or dotcom stupidity, most of us are.

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    Re: My first enquiry

    Hi Graeme,
    Welcome to the forum (not to be confused with the 'club' of course).
    Plenty of help on here covering all aspects of the cars, engines, electrics and even computer stuff, Just ask, no question is ever considered stupid (but we might take the micky a bit ) and at 63 even I still don't know it all, (most, but not all ).
    Let's have some details of the car and yourself so we can build a picture and know where the heck you are coming from both technically and geographically.
    Having bollocks chewed by significant other is normal, had mine chewed since 1995,

    The opinions expressed in my posts may not be made in a sound mind and should be taken in the spirit intended, Jack Daniels is fine.
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    Re: My first enquiry

    Sounds a bit like me same age never told wife, I also had never owned a VW in my life so had a lot of learning to do. Where abouts are you as some one may live nearby and be able to help you, help with navigating this site is also available jusy ask.
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