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Thread: Registrations questions

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    Re: Registrations questions

    Quote Originally Posted by JemP
    Why not leave the Model as Beetle and change the body style to Coupe, after all thats what it is.
    I've obviously been lucky - I just checked the V5C for my Nova and the 'Model' part of the form is blank - i.e. it doesn't say Beetle. When I sent it away for change of ownership (when I bought the 1967 chassis) I changed the Body to 'Coupe', seats to 'two' and colour to red - maybe DVLA removed the Beetle entry then.
    I have also looked at the V5C for my 'spare' chassis (the one that came with the Nova) which is now only a chassis number sized piece of steel as the rest was rusted away that does say 'Beetle' in the model field, but I've never tried changing any of those details with DVLA.

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    Re: Registrations questions

    I'm in a similar position to a few people too. Not liking the idea of IVA but not sure how to 'prove' parts aren't stolen.

    Brought my Eagle SS not really checking the vin number, I had no idea where it was at the time on the car. The previous owner had only owned it for a few months but had a sticky divorce and thus sold it. He had the engine and chassis plates all matching the V5c and a folder full of MOTs and parts brought.
    Turns out its not the same vin number on the chassis, and it seems the owner- 3-owners-ago brought this 'documentation' and folder of goodies to try and pass it off as the rolling chassis. So the V5c in my name, passed through 3 new owners without the real car changing hands, is not the one in my garage.

    SO.... tail between my legs I went to the DVLA
    ... because i only knew just a chassis number they couldnt tell me the registration number, because technically i didnt own the car i couldnt check if the car was stolen on their DVLA website, without knowing the registration number, which they couldnt give me.... round and round this went
    ...similarly i couldnt fill in a v60 (i.e. new logbook/change of ownership) without a registration number....which they couldnt give me....

    ...2 hours pass....

    many arguements over what it technically is
    ---them--- "it's a kitcar so it's got to be Q plate'd anyway"
    ---me---"no, its a radically altered car, effectively a 'body kit' like chav's changing their bumpers or how a Karmman Ghia is to a beetle"
    and...eventually they backed down as I brought with me their own document stating that if i had chassis and 2 major parts, it would be good to avoid IVA, although how i prove they are original they were unsure on but one battle at a time.

    After a while they said they knew about the car, and it was good news...i.e wink wink its not stolen.
    They made me fill in the V60 without putting in the £25 and the lovely head bosswoman said she'd sort it out.
    I read between the lines that she'd put the reg on the paper after i left..... its not even been a week yet so still waiting for the V5c, it will definitely say beetle though and it'll definitely need inspecting.
    (NOTE: inspector got involved at one point, said he wouldnt inspect car until it had been finished to a reasonable mine is in bits and body isnt connected to chassis, he wouldnt inspect it as I could change anything to afterwards.....i will go back to ask how finished it needs to be, but again one battle at a time)

    My main question is that it says unmodified chassis on the radically altered I know that means no SWB buggies and from what other people have said lowered pans are not technically chassis so dont count.
    but does that mean no moving the gearstick, which mine has all ready been done??

    My (admittedly dodgy) way around this was to grind down the welds, smooth it out, prime and paint over.....then carpet over and pray but would the inspector be clever to this??
    Similarly ive heard people just change every detail on the V5c (address, name, age etc) and because the guys in swansea cant be arse to check... its come back fully entered and ready to MOT?!? I might just try this...

    Has anyone passed the IVA test yet? The Eagle Owners Forum concensus is that it wouldnt pass without big changes...the seatbelt height and door locking makes it very difficult to pass.

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    Re: Registrations questions

    Bit of an up date
    I am a little concerned myself as the other kit I have built has now passed it's SVA test but I have still to do the registration and I don't have an original purchase reciept for the body either. What I do have is a letter from the previous owner (not the original owner of the kit as he died before building it) to inform anyone that needs to know when the kit was purchased, why and why it wasn't completed in the last thirteen years. I just hope that will be enough information.
    Well went to local DVLA and they wanted to give me a Q plate as I don't have the original purchase reciept for the body/chassis even though the whole of the rest of the kit is from the one donor vehicle that we have the registration documents for, the letter amounted to bugger all as far as they were concerned.
    Parts used from donor were: Engine, gearbox, front suspension and brakes, steering system complete, rear suspension and brakes, instrument cluster, centre console, seat belts, wheels and tyres, radiator and even the battery.

    Anyway I have now managed to get a copy invoice for the kit from the manufacturer so will be going back next week to see what they say to that.

    Has anyone passed the IVA test yet? The Eagle Owners Forum concensus is that it wouldnt pass without big changes...the seatbelt height and door locking makes it very difficult to pass.
    I haven't done IVA but recently did get a pass in the SVA and the kit I took was designed before SVA was thought of and a fair few bits were fails so I didn't fit them. The car went through without a front screen, doors, heater, wipers or washers. My biggest issue was infact rear view mirrors and ended up fitting Honda C90 mirrors and that was ok. For your application I would suggest that dropped pans could well be considered alterations to the chassis so be careful. You could put the SS through without doors or screen (put a small aero screen on instead. The seat belts will need to be well secured and at a certain height for the shoulder point but this shouldn't be much of an issue on your vehicle and I would suggest an easy fix.
    The other things they are hot on ar radii of anything inside and out.
    If you go for it good luck.

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