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Thread: triple in dash display

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    triple in dash display

    I have been working the details of my dash build. I havent a car yet, but as soon as it gets here the knife is coming out! Trust me on thats one.

    I am planning and already sourcing up the needed bits for a triple in dash mounted display for my cockpit. This will be laid under the bottom edge of the windscreen along the drivers side.
    Seeing what you all have talked about with lens flare I may have to work out some extra fixes for this.

    Im planning on running the cams, and three monitors aligned side by side from right to left.

    The cameras will be located in the top louver at the back under the top edge to shield it from the sun during the day, while placing it as close to the roof as possible.

    For a picture of what Im basing my design on google the cadillac converj interior.

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    Re: triple in dash display

    So long as you have sufficient 'hoods' to stop them reflecting in the windshield they should be fine, but remember if you use them in 'real' weather Nova/Sterlings can get pretty damp inside, so make sure your displays are fully water sealed!
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    Re: triple in dash display

    been monitoring any water ingress in mine all year, was kept with a cover on all winter till march. Since then been open to all elements Mr World can throw at us, result no water or damp patches anywhere I can see; the wiper dip used to be more of a pond. The new seals must be upto the job ( thanks to Alex ), as long as the canopy is ligned up.
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    Re: triple in dash display

    Hi Yaughn - welcome to the Euro Nova forum

    That's a seriously cool interior on that Caddy - is it a production car or a concept? You're idea of using three monitors struck a chord, I saw this Giugiaro designed interior on the Frazer-Nash concept at Goodwood FOS...

    Could you get sufficient resolution on the monitors to overlay instrument data on them? Or would you have to use separate instruments?

    Neutral density film over the camera lens seems to help with the flare during night driving. I've got a small sheet of film that takes the light down 4 stops. My CCD has an electronic iris, so it compensates automatically during the day, but runs out of steam earlier when it gets dark (i.e. its less sensitive to bright lights). Before the winter sets in I'll also be disconnecting the infra-red LEDs.

    The only downside I can see with something like the Converj interior would be the white dash top - the reflection of this in the 'screen will make driving in sunny conditions very difficult. But I think a black dash top would still look good with this colour combination

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    Re: triple in dash display

    i dont understand why there is so much blue in it
    its unneeded

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    Re: triple in dash display

    Hey Lauren,

    Its a concept car for the next generation of Cadillac's coming out.
    Yes the displays are 800 by 600 typically (at least the ones Im looking at)
    The upholstery color scheme of course will be my own design/combo. The shape of the dash in my design will be maximized for the Sterling's interior. And the gauge pod will be articulating. So as to say it will fold down into the dash when the car is turned off. The same will be for the stereo. It will slide back into the dash and a tinted plexiglass cover will roll down over the face, hiding it from view. I hate thieves, windows shopping through car windows. Ive had more than my share of cars broken in to.

    A fully digital climate control system including A/C/heat and a digital display panel is already being worked out. I have already found a possible heater matrix that will fit neatly under the dash. Keeping my options open on all things still though. I have sourced up many ideas for the gauges, from using stock motorcycle/snowmobile units, to using a custom ordered LCD screen and a custom made Vdash console via a car PC.

    The left and right sides of the video display will be attached to the roof behind a curved sheet of lightly tinted lexan, so that when the canopy closes it will complete the dash. This will allow raising the dash a couple of inches providing a little more foot room.

    My dash design will be using compound convex, and concave curves. This will be to maximize interior room as much as possible.

    The lighting Im going to carry over into my design as well but it will be hooked up into the dome light circuit. No need to be wasting all those amps while driving.

    I am in the middle of building my vacuum forming machine so most of the parts I will be making as one off's. The various panels will be broken up to allow the dash to be worked on, and the components easily tinkered with should I need to. Similar to that of an OEM cars dash board.

    The biggest problem I see is how to upholster the thing. I am not a seamstress, but to keep costs down I may have to learn how.

    I am going to be performing alot of surgery on the inside of this car, not to make it NOT a sterling, but to rather make it more a desirable place to be in. Small tweaks here and there can have a huge impact on the overall comfort and look of interior space of any car.

    I am also planning on nabbing an overhead console from a Chevy Silverado, with the trip computer in it.

    I have also designed up a completely new rear valance for the car as well. I have shown it to a few people with alot of praise thus far.

    I dont like to reinvent the wheel, I like to combine thoughts and designs to come up with an entirely new design. The results are usually quite spectacular.

    I have been told my rear valance design make the looks of the rear very high end exotic looking for a sterling. Im not sharing this until the cars bought and ready for a show. I like to keep some ideas til the unveiling.

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