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Thread: Discount on the Moon-Ace GT for donating members

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    Discount on the Moon-Ace GT for donating members

    Any member who donates to Euro-Nova will now get a discount on the Noreca Moon-Ace GT if they want to buy one.

    By stating you have heard about the car from Euro-Nova you will receive a 5% discount on the purchase price.

    If anyone wants more info please feel free to contact me.

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    Re: Discount on the Moon-Ace GT for donating members

    Interesting. I wonder if we've struck up a similar dealio over at the ECCA forum.

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    Re: Discount on the Moon-Ace GT for donating members

    I was just about to start a thread related to this idea. Excuse my rambling but I think the point is being made.

    I currently belong to a local motorcycle forum. There are no fees, free to anybody who has an interest in bikes, we put on events and donate all proceeds to a local charity. However, if you choose to pay the $20 "membership" / Donation you open yourself up to a dozen or so local places that offer a discount to the group/forum. Now anybody who is on that forum doesn't have to pay/donate, but there is incentive to and close to 75% of the members choose to pay the $20 to get the discounts. If there was a mandatory charge people would quickly be turned away from this very active motorcycle group and go to another larger, free place.

    The point is if there is if we find a few vendors willing to give a 5-10% discount that would give good incentive for members to donate, especially if that $20-$30 donation to Euro-Nova would be gained back by discounts.

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    Re: Discount on the Moon-Ace GT for donating members

    We've actually discussed something similar, Pog. The issue is that there are only a handful of US members versus the UK, and any forum vendors would likely be UK based... making any purchases from US members (and vice versa for US vendors) highly unlikely. That, coupled with the facts that this (these) forums are very limited in marketplace as well as membership (as compared to, say, the Sambam which has well over 2000 members, some with premium paid memberships). It's not to say it's not under consideration, but finding vendors who want to appeal to a niche market will prove difficult.

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