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Thread: Purple passion V DVLA

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    Re: Purple passion V DVLA

    Hiya Mike and Elaine

    Are you having problems dating your vin number I have a link for ya.
    There is a adress where you can get a printed "Birth Certificate" for your car for a modest price (around 20 Euros) so say.


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    Re: Purple passion V DVLA

    Its a bit of a catch 22 situation though. The VIN will confirm the age, but the DVLA don't seem to believe that it is the right VIN because it is damaged.
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    Re: Purple passion V DVLA

    Hi All
    After a chat with Mike at the car show I was worried what was on the DVLA paperwork for mine
    The V11 (which is all I have at present) and it is referedto as a VOLKSWAGEN NOVA KIT & it's a HISTORIC VEHICLE.
    The Insurance referres to it as a NOVA SPORTS so I hope it will be OK I am going to try for an MOT as soon as I get back from the next Job


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    Re: Purple passion V DVLA

    Hi all.

    Rabs how are things going. Have you managed to sort things out with the DVLA yet?

    Is it just proof of the floor pan date they need from the chassis number or are they just unhappy that the Vin is damaged?

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    Re: Purple passion V DVLA

    Had the same problem back in 1995 when Ukhozi was inspected but at the MoT and the examiner pointed it out but passed it all OK, "Blimey, it's all new", so before I went to Bramwood DVLA office in Gloucester I cleaned the area down to the metal, ran a Dremal 1mm ball tip into the VIN thereby just cleaning up the numbers and letters keeping the exact configuration etc and then painted it over with spray black. You are not legally allowed to "enhance" a VIN stamping but I have seen some new-ish cars with right dodgy stampings, I did the same on my Rover 216 as it's stamped under the rear window in the boot opening and gets all rusty, idiots!
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