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Thread: CLUB Business for 2010 season.

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    Re: CLUB Business for 2010 season.

    Quote Originally Posted by superbbird
    Well done Mike (purple pash) for doing the research, finding a suitable replacement and talking the committee in to it.
    forgot that bit.

    Also thanks to Eeerindoors for erecting it single handed whilst I took the pictures.

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    Re: CLUB Business for 2010 season.

    You've certainly got the 'work-life-balance' well sorted Mick! Great work all involved, look forwards to seeing it when I do. Any thoughts on the Far West Country venue yet?
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    Re: CLUB Business for 2010 season.

    Well done Mr & Mrs Mick.

    I too was going to comment on the ease that one woman could errect the tent with....but you beat me to it.

    Thanks to all involved in the demise of the old gear & the raising of the new.

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