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Thread: Don't Forget Safety

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    Re: Don't Forget Safety

    We used to have 50 gallon plastic buckets with acid in where we dipped items in, or left them hanging on wire and they were never covered. Wont mention how we cleaned pipework with pnuematic pumps and open ended flexible 2" hoses, seriously dangerous and left to the Polish workers.
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    Re: Don't Forget Safety

    Hi all

    It is strange to find out that a orange die placed in your eye so the doctor can remove pices steel from your eye can come out of your nose, and a 2" ringshank nail inbeaded in the back of a calf mussle looks cool on a xray. People removing rivine knives of bench rip saws can stop you eating a Marsbar for 2 months. You can get a grate sun tan from a mig welder but you may loos some layers of skin

    Keep your PPE close and use it


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