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Thread: Think i might be in trouble

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    Re: Think i might be in trouble

    yer just sorn it, it has happened to me many times and never once fined.
    If you tell the DVLA about it they will want £80, its like your admitting it and ready to pay.

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    Re: Think i might be in trouble

    Just a quick update, i took all your advice and sent off the form, if i hear anything i will let you know.
    Thanks all for the wisdom

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    Re: Think i might be in trouble

    Quote Originally Posted by bushboy
    At the end of the day, as always, it about money, & how much they can "legally" drag out of your pocket!!!

    Or illegally! I've managed to get the DVLA to drop their "fines" on a vehicle where I'd advised them of a change of owner, and they say they never recieved it. The law is fully on my side, and has even been proven in court on a number of occasions. But you are spot on BB, its simply about money!
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    Re: Think i might be in trouble

    Well, your advice was spot on, thanks everyone, i got a letter from DVLA yesterday saying thanks for declaring the car.
    Nothing said about a fine or anything so think i may be in the clear.

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