I haven't posted these since JUNE 2008!!! Where have I been?

Anyway, a huge improvement in just over 2 years.

Successful requests: 372,203
Average successful requests per day: 12,006
Successful requests for pages: 53,362
Failed requests: 66
Redirected requests: 24
Distinct files requested: 27,925
Distinct hosts served: 994
Data transferred: 36.40 gigabytes
Average data transferred per day: 1213.3 megabytes

To add to this, this is about search engines:

Different Search Keyphrases: 958
Different Search Keywords: 1,054

68.3% of visitors this month have added us to their favourites!

302 different pages around the world wide web have links to Euro-Nova on them and they are supplying 14.4% of the monthly visitors.

Well done to all for making these figures so impressive!