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Thread: Giles's Nova

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    Ditto..... Come on Giles put us out of our misery!

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    Hi Giles,

    Thanks for your PM with your details for the Database. I mentioned that I'd taken a photo of your Nova at Stones around 1990. it was the one and only time that I've driven my Nova to the show (from Scotland) .... and was presented with the 'Longest Distance Travelled' award

    Anyway, it prompted me to look out the photo I took of your car SFY 36K, Stoneleigh approx 1990.jpg and then have a look through your build thread. I have to say that I'm really impressed ... you've invested a lot of time and money in your Nova.

    Hopefully you'll find the time to get her back on the road again soon. Like you, I've not touched mine for several months now, but with the Spring not too far away, it should be easier to get back out to the garage and get things moving again. Best of luck!


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    Thank you Alistair.

    I smiled and cringed when I saw that photo. 'Smiled' because it brings back great memories of Stoneleigh camping weekends with my mates and 'cringed' because it couldn't look more 80's! I think you'll find it was 1993. I was 19 back then and obviously hadn't shaken off my 80's style. I loved the nova and had to buy it! Fast forward 20 odd years (lost count) and my taste in most things has changed dramatically, hence the nova is shedding its 80's vibe and going backwards to about 1970 something. That's the plan anyway.

    I'll post an update soon. (Don't hold your breath!)

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