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Thread: Front disc brakes

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    Front disc brakes

    Hi there,
    I bought a pair of new front disc brakes recently from ebay to fit on to my front spindles of my T1 chassis Avante. They are identical in every way/dimension except for the centres which do not fit my spindles. The barings from my old discs do not fit as they are of a caged needle type on a taper whereas the new discs appear to be manufactured to take sealed barings.
    The listing in ebay said the discs would fit the following models from 1966-72 VW BEETLE 1300 1302 1303 1500 1600 BRAKE DISC PAIR QH, my car is based on a 69 chassis.
    I have attempted uploading pictures but the site won't allow me to, my lack of IT skills no doubt. Any ideas?
    I have fitted 2.25" drop spindles but the tapered stub axles is the same.


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    Re: Front disc brakes

    All is revealed. ... lateID=vwh

    Discs from 1967 on but I have a 1966 chassis and retro fitted discs no problem, There are only two critiria Ball or pin suspension, if it's ball joints all uprights will fit. in fact I have post '67 disc uprights but with 20mm vented discs and 4 pot Wilwoods, Like hitting a wall, nice but had to beef up the front end to cope.

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    Re: Front disc brakes

    I've moved this in the brakes forum rather than in the forum help section.

    May get more replies in the right forum
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    Re: Front disc brakes

    Hi there,
    thanks for your help with this, I will send off for these over the next week. I need to upskill my IT abilities as posting the question to the brakes forum sounds obvious but i need to navigate the site to find it. I will put this on my to do list.
    Thanks again for your knowledge and expertise,


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    Re: Front disc brakes

    Hi Kevin,

    The new front wheel bearing kits have an outer sleeve into which the tapered bearing sits. This sleeve needs to be 'drifted' into the front disc using a socket of the right diameter and a mallet. This forms the outer edge of the bearing wall onto which the needle bearing runs...

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Front disc brakes

    I am interested in some big brakes for my car as well. After quite abit of reading Im finding some unique things about doing this. Im hoping someone can clarify.

    Ok, changing out the rear suspension to a 944 setup seems pretty straight forward, and there are some nice links to doing this on

    However changing out to big disk brakes for the front seems largely missing info. Ive seen alot of photos of people having changed out to porsche 930 front brakes, but as Im sure the name implies doing so add that wonderful Porsche price tag with it. Is there any fairly inexpensive way to get big disk brakes on the front too?

    Next issue Ive read into is that changing out the master cylinder is necessary when going to the bigger brake setup as well since the stock type one master cylinder isnt capable of pushing enought fluid to make the new big brakes work sufficiently.

    Which then leads to a new master cylinder and brake booster.
    I have read that there are remote brake boosters that can be purchased to remotely locate the brake booster which will of course help keep things inside the body.
    But again, alot of missing info on this, or at least thus far I have been unable to locate it.
    Does any one have any links? Maybe a post on a complete front and rear big brake upgrade include the resevior upgrade as well?

    I am planning on using 18" rims so using the Ghia front disks would work, but not look right. Kind of like placing a tea plate behind the wheel. Im looking for both esthetics, and function. Plus bigger brake to help stop the 250 hp engine.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Front disc brakes

    The four pot Wilwoods on vented VW discs are more than enough.

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    Re: Front disc brakes

    I think he's more likely asking about larger rotors so that they look better behind an open spoke wheel design rather than the smaller VW rotors behind the same open spoke wheel design. Must admit, small rotors behind a large open wheel do look a little 'unbalanced'.

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    Re: Front disc brakes

    Yes that is correct.
    Im sure that the Ghia disks would work perfectly, but Im looking for function as well as, looks. Im looking for info on what my options are for big brakes on the front with my open, spoked design wheels.
    Like I mentioned Ive seen photos of people using 930 front assemblies, but no posts or threads on " this is how its done".
    Ive found many very nice documented threads about changing out the rears to 944 suspension and disks, but nothing as of yet for big disks on the front.

    So if any one has any info please post it!


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    Re: Front disc brakes

    These people might be able to help as they fit 944 brakes to the front of beetles.
    Think they are in Canada.

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