Hi guys,
Right let me start by saying my spelling and grammer will be awful as I'm posting this from my phone whilst I'm at work.

I have a car in my care at the moment with a hydraulic clutch,with problems.

When it first came to me it had a very soft clutch pedal and was difficult if not impossible to get in to gear with the engine running, this quickly turned in to being impossible so I changed the master cylinder as inspection of the old one revealed badlty damaged seals.

The problem disappeared for around a month or two.

However, in the past week the problem has come back.

Soft spongy clutch pedal which improves if the pedal is pumped but soon goes soft and spongy again. It will change gear with a little force and when it becomes to difficult a few pumps of the pedal gets it in to gear.

The bite point is also almost on the floor.

Now, these cars have the slave cylinder in the gearbox and is apparantly sealed and unbleedable.

The car for reference is a renault laguna, mark 2 made in 2001 with the 1.8 petrol engine and 5 speed box.

I have diagnosed this as a slave cylinder fault and I'm planning on changing it at the weekend but some people have expressed other opinions, like possible clutch problems instead of the slave cylinder.

I'd like some second opinions from you as to weather you agree with my initial diagnosis and the slave cylinder is worth investigating. I will also add the gearbox doesn't appear to be leaking brake fluid as I would expect it to with a dying slave cylinder.

Due to this and the other suggestions I am starting to doubt my initial diagnosis. I know it isn't the master again as it was replaced with a brand new unit direct from renault.

I'm thinking it may be a case of stripping the gearbox off and checking the cylinder and the clutch.

I will stress, the person can only afford to replace the cylinder OR the clutch, not both.

I can't see it being both anyway, but if the cylinder has leaked in to the box then I will insist on a clutch change due to contamination.

Hope you can offer some advice!!