All Club Nova Members

Those of you that have visited the Club Nova stand at any of the 3 main shows (Detling, Stoneleigh and Newark) during the past few years will know that the Club owns and sets-up a large (6m x 3m) Gazebo, BBQ, Tables, Chairs, Lights and Music for the comfort and entertainment of the members. For the last 2 years I have stored most of the kit between shows and brought it along in the van, driven by Mrs P. Also, Mike & Elaine have stored and brought most of the remainder with Ben loaning us a Generator and James & Sarah loaning us a portable fridge. Due to changed circumstances neither I nor Mike & Elaine can continue to be solely responsible for storing and bringing the kit to the shows.

Therefore, we would like suggestions or offers of help to resolve the situation which could be discussed at the AGM.

Without a resolution to this problem we may have to reduce the facilities that can be offered at the shows, e.g. leave the BBQ, tables and chairs behind, which would mean not having the communal cooking facilities.

I would like to add the subject of Club Equipment storage and transportation to the agenda for discussion at the AGM at Stoneleigh.

Thanks for your continuing support.