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Thread: How to measure a windscreen

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    How to measure a windscreen

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    windscreen outer finish.

    Quote Originally Posted by bobbybrown View Post
    Hope you dont mind .i used this thread to ask every one what type of finish have they used on the outside of the windscreen. i had some chrome plastic strip but it kinks when trying to bend it round the top corner. no chance of getting it to fit the rear screen can any one help i am willing to try anything to get a good finish.

    Many thanks malcolm

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    If you check through the latter part of my build ,and the windscreen section, I got autoglass to fix 20mm wide flexi trim around the outer edge.
    Looks good and fits well .

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    You probably should have started a new thread as this is a sticky, but I'm sure someone will move it if its an issue.

    I used this and it left a very nice finish I can not seam to find a finished close up photo at the moment.


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    Similar to Dirks, it gives a nice OEM finish

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