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    As I was walking out of my FLAPS yesterday, I saw this sitting in the parking lot:

    I hung around outside until the owner came out and the first thing he said was "It's based on a Volkswagen Beetle!" I replied with "I know, I'm building a Sterling!" He recognized the name...probably something only a fellow kit-builder would do!

    The owner says his car is a 1970 Amante built on a squareback chassis with an 1835 sandrail engine. His brother in law's father bought it new, built it and then it eventually sat for 25 years. The current owner did a frame off restoration and still has yet to refinish the interior (it's complete, but not "show-quality").

    He said the aluminum slotted mags came with the kit (i was drooling and wishing I had them - they have a big "S" on the center cap!) and that he had NO idea where the glass was sourced from!

    EDIT: the owner also said that it was made in Southern California, the company was only in business 1968-1970, made about 80 completed bodies, and he thinks that only about 15-20 cars survive.
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    Re: Amante

    I always thought they were interesting kits. There was one for sale near me for $400.00... I probably should have grabbed it. I like the style right up to the rear arch, then it's all too long for me. What I was going to do was recreate the Deano-Soar laker car that used this body style, but with aero aids on it that smoothed the lines a little more. Good question on the glass; I think it was Porsche based if memory serves.

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    Re: Amante

    Nice car, love the color. I see what you mean Rick about the rear overhang. I guess it was done to cover up the engine bits better. And what makes the engine a "sandrail" engine? Was it just pulled from a sandrail or is the a specific config done for them?

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    Re: Amante

    Reminds me of my 240Z a little.
    I like it.

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    Re: Amante

    Mmm, that is nice. The rear overhang is an inevitable consequence of a rear engine, but apart from the narrowness of the body it hides its origins very well

    Both the colour and the choice of rear light clusters remind me of an early Chevy Camaro, and the fastback styling owes a lot to the contemporary Aston Martin DBS. I'm trying to imagine what Porker supplied the glass - both the front and rear screens look too angular to be from a 911, unless the context of their use changes the look considerably...

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    Re: Amante

    Very cool, never seen or heard of them before. I'd own one!

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