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Thread: Another MOT

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    Re: Another MOT

    Nice one

    Nice to see another MOT under the belt.

    I'm Just back from my hols so just catching up.

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    Re: Another MOT

    Thank you! Working on the Mog van for its MOT now, made the mistake of investigating the bubbly patch on the bottom of the fuel tank........ It takes a long time for 5 gallons to drain out through a 2mm hole! Morris tanks are a lot more expensive than VW ones and no choice but to replace it as the old one is like a collander
    It's a 52 year old car and everything works, just not always at the same time.......and it's probably about to get jealous!
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    Re: Another MOT
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    Re: Another MOT

    It's that time of year again (and it's the same guy has been MOTing my car since 2006 I realised today!) car whizzed through, couple of minor advisories - and a heads-up - did you know that new MOT rules mean that all wiring now has to be bundled and clipped to the car, gromets or silicone wherever they pass through a bulkhead, and even the instument lights must all work.....

    I also noticed that my canopy hinge top-pivots are getting a bit sloppy, so maybe it's time to think about fitting the stainless hinges rather than fixing them!
    It's a 52 year old car and everything works, just not always at the same time.......and it's probably about to get jealous!
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    Re: Another MOT

    Well done Alex, this is becoming a bit of a habit ,what is that now ,7 straight passes, remind me never to play poker with you

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    Re: Another MOT

    Alex, the mot's have altered a fair amount but not everything relates to the older cars. The dash lights are more to do with the newer cars that have all the warning lights on them such as SRS, ABS etc. They are tested by switching the ignition on and seeing that they all light up and then that they all go off when the engine is running.
    If an ABS or SRS light stays on then it will fail, gone are the days when you could get round it by removing the lamp, if it was designed to have them fitted they have to work correctly.
    Other things added have been trailer light socket has to be tested and seats have to be able to be moved backwards and forwards if on runners, so if your electric seat doesn't work it is a fail, if your manual sliders don't slide it is a fail. Fixed seats are fine but there again there are no modern cars that have fixed seats (maybe an exotic where the pedals adjust but there again the pedals must work).
    My local MOT place said that a car can now fail the MOT on something electrical and the car will effectively be worth scrap money because the cost of repair is greater than the cost of the car (obviously older modern cars if that makes sense).

    Oh and congratulations on yet another pass.

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    Re: Another MOT

    Well done Alex. Hope the SS hinges don't turn into an "I wish I never started" job. It seams that most people have had a lot of fettling to do when fitting them.

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    Re: Another MOT

    Well done ,
    You must hold the record :-)

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    Re: Another MOT

    Thanks all! I don't 'do' Facebook, but apparently the Nova has been added to Ruan Burman's gallery of 'groovy cars'....
    It's a 52 year old car and everything works, just not always at the same time.......and it's probably about to get jealous!
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    Re: Another MOT

    Congrates on the MoT, an achievement these days as things get more difficult.

    I fell foul of the dash lights with my MB A170 srs light last year as I had the steering wheel off to repair the indicator stalk pivot and this year the 'clock spring' cable for the horn and air bag broke so I mended that but SRS is up again, I don't mind taking it to be de-coded and cleared but 30€ for 5 minuets work! The only alternative is the Foxwell unit at 87 quid, no thanks. Cars are getting too dammed complicated and factory equipment only. Did we, the motoring public, ASK for our cars to become even more complex and factory only serviceable, NO. some over paid twat who thinks it's a good idea to have everything linked and coded so you can't replace the gearbox without spending a fortune on changing the ECU, ignition switch and gearbox electrics and re-coding as well, Ars **ole.
    Rant over, (again)

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