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Thread: Trailer needed to borrow

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    Trailer needed to borrow

    Does anyone have, or know anyone that has, a trailer that a Nova could fit onto that isn't a million miles from Guildford Surrey that I could borrow? It's asking a lot I know. I need to get my Nova to the Alfa garage very soon. I also need to sort out a car with a tow bar! Any ideas? Without these things my rebuild grinds to a halt.


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    Re: Trailer needed to borrow

    RAC Recovery......Just tell them you were driving along and the engine dropped out the back!

    Seriously though, you could try offering a bloke who does car recovery a few quid on the side for him to use his low loader. Alternatively just google car transporters although they don't come cheap

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    Re: Trailer needed to borrow

    I invested in an A frame a few years back and its paid me back many times over since, hauling the avante from garage to home for welding work, and for putting screens in (pleural! ) Luckily there is a cut-out where the fake grill goes so that the bars can lift high enough to go onto the towball. I would imagine you'd need to take the front undertray off a Nova. For now though, I'd go with islandman and hire one, they're reasonably cheap up this way.
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    Re: Trailer needed to borrow

    My reek has a tow bar on it. How cool would that be, fronting up with the Nova being trailered by the reek.

    As for combined weight & towing capacity & the road traffic act

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