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Thread: Full Throttle!

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    Re: Full Throttle!

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    Re: Full Throttle!

    Nice Lauren! When I was setting up the v6 in my one car I was searching for a hydraulic throttle control - and found that they are very few and far between anymore. Interesting to see that CNC had sold them at one point - they don't carry them anymore! I settled for a clutch slave and found that to overcome the resistance of the cylinder I had to use some monster size return springs on the throttle shafts.. which really put the worry into how they would wear the shaft bushings in time. Ultimately I binned the entire Weber setup on that car and went back to the "stock" Holley with a cable system from Lokar. If I had done that from the get-go there probably wouldn't have been any routing issues as the Lokar cable is easier to work with than the hydraulic tubing! But nicely done with your setup as usual - keep an eye on throttle creep though with the expansion of the ATF.

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    Re: Full Throttle!

    Thanks Rick, I intend to! Even the slightest sign of the engine speed increasing will be my cue to open the bleed valve. Fortunately I now have more travel in the pedal to compensate, unlike previously!

    Cable seems to be the way to go, ultimately. However, for the moment, the hydraulic system works, so until I get some major downtime I won't be doing anything about it just yet

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