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Thread: Gear Shifter

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    Re: Gear Shifter

    Hmm very interesting and useful, mine does rattle so when I get back to the UK I will be taking it apart and seeing if the ball bearing is present.

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    Re: Gear Shifter

    Well this is all very interesting. Thanks Bushy for dismantling your components and I guess cleaning them too. Good effort! Mine too has the little ball bearing on one side. Is that mushroom thing on yours welded to the shaft or does it unclip (and if so what's it made of?).

    I reckon that when mine was shortened many moons ago they cut off the mushroom thing and I think that's probably why my gear lever waggles left and right in neutral by quite some distance. I also blame this for the fact that it also makes a cluncking sound when it is waggled.

    I've gone and ordered this: ... 16743.html

    That should do the job and looks like it comes with a welded on mushroom. And a peg. I'll have to shorten the shaft but that's OK as my one is not long enough so at least now I'll be able to get it just right for me. I'll then try it without the quick shift and then with it, to see if it makes much difference. I'm quite looking forward to fitting it all.

    It's amazing when you do a complete re-build from a car put together by someone else you start to discover things a-miss! This is definately the last of those examples as everything else has been looked at.


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    Re: Gear Shifter

    Quote Originally Posted by islandman
    Peter you seem to have a thing for Skoda's, the only good thing I can remember about them was that they had a good heated rear windscreen to keep your hands warm while you pushed them along the road
    , never heard that one, NOT. I had 8 Skodas and not a bad word to be said about them, most 'Skoda' jokes are recycled Lada ones anyway. But as Skoda is made by VAG and even before that there was a very close collaboration so many parts are interchangable, such as same PCD. disc brakes, 5 speed gear box goes on with a little help etc.
    I have over a dozen differnt makes and model of car into my SS, just the best bits for the job.

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