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Thread: Jim and Sarah's Nova - The third project !

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    Hi all,

    Have seen the various conversations re the onward sale of my car and also Mark’s.

    Mark was nearly correct, but my car is actually heading to Hong Kong this morning, not Thailand.

    Personally whilst it is a shame to see a Nova leave the UK in some respects I will be glad to not see it on the show scene. I still my old 911 locally, which brings mixed emotions.

    Still struggle to understand why this site continues to be undervalue the Nova and have such debates and shock re prices being achieved. Cars will sell for what someone wants to pay for them, and anyone with a technical mind will recognise the work going into a car and know this costs money to achieve. Time is not cheap.

    The same debate and consternation ensued when I advertised my first Nova and achieved my asking price then, despite this site debating it and saying too high, and risking my sale. That experience stopped me frequenting the site for a good year as I couldn’t believe the negativity.

    Come on folks, let’s embrace the fact that these cars, like many early kits are crossing over to classic status. Have you seen the money early decent Cobra replicas fetch!?

    Mark and I have our sales done now, but I am sure others will sell in the future, and known cars will come up for sale again. Let’s not pull the value down through comments here.



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    Hi Jim,

    I agree with you re the recent sale prices.

    I think that any ‘shock’ expressed on the Forum is because you and Mark have basically set the bar higher than it’s ever been before, and folk have become too used to seeing ‘basket case’ prices for the majority of Novas advertised for sale over the past few years.

    You have both done a tremendous amount to raise the profile of the Nova, with the first class quality of both your cars, your appearances at shows, and of course your profile in the Complete Kit Car magazine. Mark also mentioned to me the other day that Intratrim wanted to use his Nova on their stand to display their seats. They wouldn't have done that if the rest of the car wasn't top quality.

    I agree that the Nova is now a classic kit car, and that prices should reflect that status. You and Mark have given us a level of quality to aim for, and whilst not everyone will be able to achieve that, hopefully more Novas will now be finished to a higher level than they would otherwise have been.

    Speaking personally, I’ve no intention of ever selling mine since she’s been with me now for about 34 years. She’s older than my kids and has become one of the family! I know some may be more inclined to sell theirs when the time is right, and that’s fine because it gives others the chance to enjoy Nova ownership in an extremely rare market.

    All the best,

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    Jim, as I mentioned regarding Marks car, while I was surprised (downplaying this a bit here), I fully accept the value of your cars and agree with you wholeheatedly, both cars are works of art and their value shows it

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