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Thread: Jim and Sarah's Nova - The third project !

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    Hi folks,

    As some of you may have seen in CKC whilst repairing the windscreen/bonnet incident I made the decision to clean up some other bits on the car and get it all blown over.

    Also, with the windscreen out it seemed a sensible time to flip the canopy over and fit the new canopy seal.

    Ahead of that I am repairing some damage t the underside of the canopy - old sun visor holes etc. The underside needs a lick of paint - it has never been done other than some satin black over repairs.

    So my question - do I repaint it all satin black as I did on the last Nova so it is unobtrusive.

    Or, do I paint it body colour?

    My my initial concern with body colour is if the A pillar will seem more visible?

    As you may know my interior is quite bright (red) already, so do I need colour under the canopy too?

    What have others done?

    thanks all
    All the best,


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    I don't know if this would work, but couldn't you use something like a washable spray adhesive to temporarily tack black or coloured sheeting/fabric/material to the inside of the canopy and see what it looks like for yourself, then decide what you would prefer as a more permanent solution?

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    Personally I would go for Satin Black, but there's not much in it.
    My daily driver has a light grey on the inside of the A-pillar, it does not catch the eye while driving.

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    Would it be ‘just too much’ to do it in red leather .... ?? Might make it too claustrophobic so maybe a contrast would be better ... not too mention cheaper! In which case I’d go satin black.

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