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Thread: VW Brake servo fitment to Avante?

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    VW Brake servo fitment to Avante?

    Hi All

    I have acquired Jem's avante and would like to upgrade the braking system by fitting a servo. Jem mentioned that P6 servos have been a common fitment and i've seen that you can pick up remote brake servo kits (given there is no space on the bulkhead for a servo to sit). i wondered if anyone had fitted the servo from a Mk1 golf/scirocco as this had a remote linkage already attached ( a bar running from the pedal to the servo so that VW could make RHD cars from LHD cars without moving the servo itself). It seems to me that the linkage could be shortened, rotated by 90 degrees and then the servo could be positioned above the current master cylinder location relatively easily. Anyone tried this?


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    Re: VW Brake servo fitment to Avante?

    If you find out please let me know as I hope to fit a remote servo to my Nova and am not sure how to do it I have all the bit's (I hope) but am not in the UK at present so cannot get to work on it. I would say but cannot find one to read?

    hope to talk to you soon

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    Re: VW Brake servo fitment to Avante?

    I fitted a P6 servo to my SS back in '96 and took it off again as it was too much for the lightweight car and lacked 'feel', locked up all over the place in the wet, I have gone for bigger, better none servo brakes (Wilwood 4 pot & disc rear) which gives more feel but still stop fast if needed. Ford also did a cross over bar, I think on the early Fiest but not sure of models.

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    Re: VW Brake servo fitment to Avante?

    Most modern Euroboxes seem to do it these days, seeing as they can't be bothered to engineer a car for driving on the correct side of the road

    My friend's Citroen Saxo has the same arrangement - remote servo operated by a crossbar. You can also get hydraulically operated remote servos, these are typically used on mid-engined cars where the pedal is still up front but the vacuum comes from behind! GT40 and T70 reps used to use them, usually in pairs because the hydraulic circuit was split front/rear with an adjustable balance bar.

    I used to have a 1966 Vauxhall Viva HA, which had the most delightful dinky servo disc brake option; remote mounted servo, hydraulically operated, with tiny little discs and pads, it was a marvel. It would easily lock up all four wheels.

    As Peter says though, a car as light as the Nova (or even an Avante for that matter) shouldn't need servo assistance; unfortunately, the practice of shortening the brake pedal so that you can actually fit it under the dashboard reduces the mechanical advantage. Was that common practice on the Avante too? Perhaps with the deeper scuttle it wasn't necessary.

    Even a shortened bake pedal It wasn't enough to stop me locking the fronts when I first got the Green Machine all those years ago. I won't forget that accident in a hurry

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