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Thread: Dashboard Blues...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacenut View Post
    With so many high-quality restorations in progress I was feeling a bit guilty about my floorpans, which although originally treated with zinc-rich primer and stonechip have been worn down to bare metal over the years. So before I put new carpets down I thought I would spruce them up a bit......................

    .................... Not much more to report at the moment, other than the Nav computer display module has bee successfully replaced, and the heater fan now has a nice wiring plug...

    Nice work Lauren!
    I agree with Mark ... your Nova is quite unique, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing it one day.

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    Thanks guys. Well, I've given up issuing predictions on when I will be back on the road, as I have missed so many deadlines in the past. I will just keep plugging away and hope I don't run into any major issues. There aren't many more mountains to climb now, but I still have to sort out my headlamp covers (acrylic paint has been bought, high performance masking tape for the body primer, polyurethane adhesive) canopy interior trim (with side window demister vents) and the side windows themselves, with openings...

    I think there is every chance that I could make it to Stoneleigh next year, all being well

    only Pythagoras can save me now!

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    I Know what you mean Lauren, I also have given up as when, let alone what year but I had better get a wriggle on as 73 is just weeks away I may not only find it increasingly difficult (even after loosing 3 1/2 stone) to get in and out but might not be around at all.

    Slogging on is just what is needed.

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    It has been a while since you last cast a shadow at stones. Would be great to see you & the green monster again.

    At least it is not hiding under a tarp at the back of the shed forgotten about.

    Oh, to have a cosy & dry interior on a nova. My daily driver Eureka doesn't even have carpet!

    "Always do what you are afraid to do"
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