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Thread: Dashboard Blues...

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    As ever, stunning attention to detail.
    You should be very proud of yourself .

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    You've certainly achieved the 70's / 80's vibe down to the smallest details like the font, a testament to your planning and execution process

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    Well done Lauren - very Gerry Anderson
    "The most beautiful kit car in the world - Motor"

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    Just thinking that too Phil. Space 1999, STOS. etc.
    Nice job.

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    Thanks guys - I must admit that all the retro-futurist stuff is just for my benefit, although I still have to spend most of my time behind the wheel looking out of the windscreen and not at the displays!

    However, I can report that the telecam is working better than ever - the deep tunnel and the extra light baffles mean that I can turn the display brightness down to minimum and still have good daytime vision, while at the same time not blinding myself in night mode.

    It also helps to be able to operate the heater/demister controls while driving, instead of having to rummage under the dash for the hot water valve! Yes, it's a much better view than the one I used to have
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    It's looking great Lauren,

    I can also say to others that having sat in it at Brooklands museum, it is also extremely comfortable!

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