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Thread: Dirk's Avante

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    G'day Dirk,

    Shame about the topcoat trial. I have only done small sections of the Eureka, the rear louver being the largest. I initially used a brush, but the ridges really annoyed me. The last time I put a whole coat over the louver I first applied with a brush & then finished off with a high density mini roller. You do get an "artex" like texture. I found the artex texture to be more livable then the horrid brush strokes. I have not got as far as block sanding the entire louver yet so if you come to stones you can see what I have got so far & we can compare notes. I'm hoping that I'll get enough time between now & then to have a small section smoothed & polished for a comparison.

    See ya

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    Wow, that is a massive amount of work and soul destroying to still see so many pin holes, I definitely feel your pain on this one after my own recent fibreglass efforts.

    Your perseverance on trying to do it right is commendable, most would have taken the easy route by now

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