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Thread: Dirk's Avante

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    That's excellent news Dirk!! The simplest things, eh? .... Enjoy getting the miles in with this lovely weather!!

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    Glad to see it was an easy fix!

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    It's always very satisfying to spot the answer to a problem that's been puzzling you for a while knowing with certainty that you have solved it. Well done, I bet you're relieved it's nothing more serious
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    So I got home this afternoon expecting to do lots of work, but as soon as I took off one of the rear wheels to get to the bottom of the fuel tank the reason for my problems became apparent.

    Good news Dirk - though you have had the frustration trying to diagnose it at least a simple fix.

    Reminds me of the time my VW camper ground to a halt on the South Circular in London - hadn't removed tube clamp on fuel line after engine refit!
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