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Thread: Headlamp cover tracing..

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    Re: Headlamp cover tracing..

    Ed (and anyone else really) Rick has sent me a CAD file that I can print off as a full size template of the headlight cover, if you want one then send me a PM with your address and I will post it off to you.

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    Re: Headlamp cover tracing..

    Rick, the CAD file seems awfully angular. ???

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    Re: Headlamp cover tracing..

    Shouldn't be, Nic. May be the way my program translated it into a CAD file (I don't work in CAD, but my graphics program has many export features). Let me see if I can get it to you in a different format.

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    Re: Headlamp cover tracing..

    Just like to say a big thank-you to letterman 7 who provided the headlamp cover template and Big Bird's Car who printed them off and very kindly posted them on to me. They are perfect, thanks again.


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