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Thread: Versimold and ER Tape

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    Versimold and ER Tape

    There is a new product out on the market that is perfect for car hobbyists/enthusiasts called Versimold. It is a ready to use silicone that can be molded into gaskets, bumpers, o-rings etc. perfect for antique cars where availability of these parts are scarce. It molds then cures by applying a heat gun, turns into a durable rubber part. We also are the manufacturers of ER tape, a silicone rubber self-fusing tape that is superior to other brands in the market. Both were just featured on Stacey David's Gearz show. Visit us on our website and take a look - Feel free to email with any questions on the Rowe-Performance website.

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    Re: Versimold and ER Tape

    Actually I posted your product on this website some months back when I first came across it. I also emailed you guys regarding whether you had international distributors to the UK or Singapore but you didn't at the time.

    Do you now or do you ship internationally as it doesn't seem to be an option from your website?

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