Hi all,
First off, let me clear up why this is appearing now, we historically post this during August/September however last year it appeared in November due to lack of time on my behalf (I apologise), so this may seem a little early.

With that said, this is the official thread for donations for the 2014 fees and related costs, I will officially open donations for the 2014 period from now and any donations received by members will be assumed as being for the 2014 period and as such their usernames will change colour.

Also please note, for anyone who has sent any form of donation recently that you wish to count as 2014, please just send me a PM and I will sort that out. I will try to find time to go through the records and contact anyone who has donated in the last 6 months to see what they prefer.

This years colour is yet to be decided however will be ready before the first donation is in place.

I also just wish to state for any newer members reading who may not know already, donations to Euro-Nova are voluntary but without donations from generous members we would not be here today. If you have been helped by the forum and find it useful, please do consider giving something. It is of course completely voluntary.

As in previous years, I will send a little something to each and every member who donates, quite a few got lost in the post for some reason last year so if you don't receive yours, do please feel free to keep poking me about it and I will get a replacement off to you.

Again as with previous years, the button at the bottom of every page is designed to be used for donations, or it can be in the form of a cheque, please PM me for the address and any other details you may need.

You can of course send a paypal payment directly to dan AT euro-nova.co.uk replacing the AT with the @ symbol, include your forum username and your address so I can send you a donation gift!

Also, you may like to hear that during 2013, our bandwidth and disk space limits were exceeded twice, needing increasing to continue. Surely a sign that we are still growing steadily.

Thanks to all for reading and for your continued support, without each and every one of you, Euro-Nova would not be what it is today.

As always, I am always available via PM, email or a post on the forum to answer and queries or questions you may have.

Thanks again and my personal thanks extend to all of you, veterans and recently joined for keeping Euro-Nova alive and online for yet another year!
We have been here for 6 and a half years now (7 years if you count our time on a free server right at the beginning), it certainly doesn't feel that long!

Dan and the admin team.