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Thread: Any CAD savvy friends out there ?

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    Question Any CAD savvy friends out there ?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm sure there must be a wealth of drawing talent here on our forum, so let me pose my problem and hope that someone can come up with the goods.

    I want to CNC machine 3D trophy for Club Nova UK.

    I have the facility to machine 2.5D and 3D single or double sided models.

    What I require is a 3D drawing of a NOVA / STERLING from a CAD program in either STL or DXF file format for loading into my CAM program to compute machining paths.

    I have no problem with the CAM but can't draw for toffee, so need the initial CAD drawing of a Nova. Just the overall body shape would be good, some detail to bodywork or underside would be a bonus !

    If you have a STL or DXF file or can create one, please let me know.

    Many thanks,

    Mike T.
    Club Nova UK Treasurer.

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    I think Yaughn was working on a 3d model for a while. not sure how far he got though.

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    3 d modle

    i would just like to know if we went any further with this idea.

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    Nothing has been worked on as far as I know. The Sterling/Nova body shape is a very complex item to get correct!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nic View Post
    I think Yaughn was working on a 3d model for a while. not sure how far he got though.
    Yes, I have been working on my GTR in CAD/CAM. However the only source files available are garbage when it come to accuracy of the actual car.
    Using the black on white drawings seen here:

    You end up with a very Hotwheels version of the car that is not accurate.
    See here:

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    I am currently using the file I do have to test body modifications. Though it is inaccurate, it is accurate enough to see what works and not. So it isnt of much use to anyone. Greg, (unofun) I heard had someone who could rotisserie an actual sterling to be scanned in 3D. But thats an expensive thing to ask someone to do.

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    My son has just got himself a 3D printer. Did anyone ever find a 3D file of the Nova (or Sterling) ?

    Club Nova Member (F-036)

    MicksRedNova2 may take as long as the original!!

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    You need to find someone with a 3D scanner, and the Alex's baby Nova could be scanned. There are company's that will do it not sure what it would cost .


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    You could try

    upload photos of a car & this (should) generate an STL file for you.

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    Just to add that I recently purchased two of the baby Nova's from Alex and they are fantastic (complete with brilliant little details such as rear light, canopy/body shut lines and bonnet nostrils)

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