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Thread: Stock VW fresh air lever

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    Stock VW fresh air lever

    The fresh air lever located on the parking brake bracket... kinda useless for us right? Looks like it comes out the 2 small holes/tubes on the tunnel behind the seats. Any one using that for anything else? Super secret smuggling hole? Spikes popping out from the axles?

    Do you use the driver or passenger side of the parking brake bracket to attach the lever and cable?

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    Arrow lever usage

    Although mine have disappeared long ago was thinking of reinstating them to use as manual chokes for my two twin downdraught webers which occasionally need that little bit extra to fire up. You could also use them for operating levers for locking mechanisms on you louvre or engine hatch
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    I have the one on the drivers side which operates the heater, don't want a blast of hot air in a hot cab on a sunny day
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