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Thread: Jimcub's nova for sale

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    Jimcub's nova for sale

    Well we all say that it will never come but to me it has and too early, I have been ill with various things since 1998 but managed to save a nova and get her on the road.
    well now things have got serious and I am looking at lung cancer in the face, no know cure and life expectancy is not good. All those years of working in asbestos have taken their toll, been in hospital for 3 stays and 3 biopsies since end of January. Also had to turn down an op on my spine as I would not survive it, now have to live with that as well.

    As the song goes "Always look on the bright side of life"

    its on eBay with a lowish starting price, an easy fix is strip engine or bang another in and get it on the road. Stacks of spares to go with it as they are no use to me .

    sorry to be a bearer of sad news
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    As I said to you a while back when you told me you had to let the Nova go it is such a shame and I hope your health improves. You have certainly provided a comprehensive description on eBay; I only wish I had the space for another Nova myself, and hope you get a good price for it.
    Good luck.

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    Hey man, what can one say in this situation but I am genuinely sorry to here of your unfortunate bad news, life at times can really throw us a curved ball . All I can do is wish you all the best and I hope you get good price for your pride snd joy
    Take care mate
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    So sorry to hear this jim m8 ... If I had the cash I would buy it.. Love your nova the first time I saw it lovely car and a great guy .. Call me anytime m8 for help or a chat xxx love to family to bud xxx

    carl r griffiths xxx

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    Sorry to hear that news;
    All the best, I hope things make a turn for the better. Steve

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    Jim, it's really sad to hear about your predicament and the various complications. As your nova was your passion I'm sure this has been a very tough decision to have to let it go. Hopefully it will go to a good home.

    best of luck on your health issues

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    On the Eagle forum we have had our unfair share of health related news over the past 12 months so I am sure I can speak for all the EOC guys and gals in wishing you the very best in your fight with the big C and our thoughts will be with you and your family.
    So unfair when life craps on you but fight back, a positive attitude is worth a lot and I hope the Nova gets a good home.

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    Very sorry to hear that Jim. Puts things into perspective, to say the least.

    I hope your Nova finds a good home. I'm sure everyone on here is rooting for you!


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    Never give in, there is always hope.
    Good luck with the nova sale.

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    Hi Jim.

    Sorry to hear this bad news. Try to keep your pecker up. i'm sure you will put up a fight & hope things pick up for you.

    I've read your Nova postings over time on here & its clear its been a passion of yours.

    Hope you get a good home for her & good price.

    Take care.
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