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Thread: Adjustable/spring loaded pushrod tubes

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    Adjustable/spring loaded pushrod tubes

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have experience of these, and if so which would you recommend?

    Engine on buggy just gone through a minor rebuild (new exhaust valves and guides, new piston rings and all pushrod seals. Sod's law now it is fitted and running is that one pushrod tube is leaking. Not on the seal but on the concertina section, so possible pin hole.

    Really don't want to drop engine again and remove head so thinking of an aftermarket push rod tube. Read various opinions on the VW forums so keen to know if anyone has used a telescopic version?
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    I have the EMPI ones fitted and no problems, you will of course need to remove the rockers so you can remove the push rods, if you are pushed for space you can push the rods up and then tilt the bottoms and withdraw them downwards and then fit the tubes and rods together.

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