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Massive result...ever since I built my car I have had a fuel leak between the fuel filler hose and the fuel tank. I had tried everything to cure it - fresh hoses, new circlips - even two fitted in tandem at one point, but nothing I tried prevented a trickle of fuel leaking out everytime I put fuel into the tank (hence one of the reasons why I elected to fit a fire extinguisher recently). Then only last week I discovered that there is supposed to be a rubber seal fitted on the fuel tank inlet pipe (https://www.justkampers.com/113-201-...e-1968-on.html). I had fitted a new tank to the car when I re-built the car, but hadn't realised that this seal was necessary. Anyway I ordered a seal which arrived today - fitted it - and result. No fuel leak what so ever!!

So if you are plagued with the same problem - or have bought a new tank - make sure you fit one of these seals to avoid any leaks. It only costs a few quid, but performs an essential function
Excellent Phill !!

I bought a new tank on your recommendation (re body off opportunity) about 18 months ago and haven't looked at it since. It'll be a wee while till I get to fitting it but I'll definitely order a seal now .... many thanks!!