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Thread: Phill's Nova Project finally begins

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    Quote Originally Posted by NovaF4 View Post
    hope this helps...

    not sure why one has uploaded sideways. You'll have to tilt your head.

    That happened to me Ö It's off-topic, but this is the reason your pics don't render properly:
    And FYI the JPEG Autorotate product mentioned works.

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    Proportioning Valve

    I put my valve in the drivers compartment so it can be adjusted as conditions warrant. I didn't hide the valve and tubing because I wanted the appearance of a race car. The driver can change the bias as track conditions change (rain etc..)

    Quote Originally Posted by Spacenut View Post
    Hi Phill - yes, that should work OK. From what I can see of the VW master cylinder design, the two separate front brake ports share the same piston, with the rear port supplying the rear brakes. So blanking off one of the ports will not affect the brake bias in any way. Put the proportioning valve in the single front port and then split the feed.

    If you apply a specific pressure to the brake pedal, the force applied to the master cylinder will be shared between the front and rear circuits. With a proportioning valve in place, the force that is lost from the front circuit will be apportioned to the back instead, so no braking effort is lost. Hopefully the result is a front axle less likely to lock up early and therefore more stopping power overall - with a well-balanced braking system you will be able to apply more pedal pressure before any of the wheels lock.

    The goal is to ensure that the front wheels lock ever so slightly before the back wheels, typically in dry conditions as this will be when the car is used most. Brake bias is a compromise, it can never be right for all conditions, which is why race cars have the ability to adjust the bias while on the move.


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    Installed an essential piece of safety Kit today


    Only £8.99 from Aldi's - get yours quick before they sell out
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    Iíve still got my Novaís fire extinguisher from about 1991 ... guess itís time to replace it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueNova View Post
    Iíve still got my Novaís fire extinguisher from about 1991 ... guess itís time to replace it!
    You can always try to throw it to extinguish the fire


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    Something overlooked a lot. my Mercedes A170 has one like that under the drivers seat in a drawer and it was there since 2001, I needed to use it on something else and did it work? Did it hell, showed green for pressure but just went phut! and clogged. new ones are so cheap it's not worth the risk. Changed the one in the SS that must be 15 years old too.

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