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Thread: Phill's Nova Project finally begins

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    A very neat solution Phill, and if you'll excuse my guilty secret .... I love your rear!


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    There's nothing to feel guilty about! You went for what you liked and adapted it to suit your car, so, whats the problem?

    Like Alistair, I happen to like how the rear of your car works, its clean, elegant and NOT over complicated!

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    Very nice job, Now you have the position with the rivets I would get it welded before you drive it too much, It might also be a bit more difficult to fit it back on the engine once you take it off as there will be a bit of spring in the rest of the exhaust it might be a case of just putting the bolts in a few turns on all flanges and then doing each one up a couple of turns at a time. (or it might just fit perfect and I'm talking bo###cks)


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