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Thread: Phill's Nova Project finally begins

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    Quote Originally Posted by islandman View Post
    I get that with my Alfa Nova too, will have to investigate where my breather goes to and the valve.
    Steve, any memories what you did with the breather as the tank is pretty much the only thing I haven't changed on the car since you originally built it?
    Hi Dave, I'm pretty sure I blocked it off at the tank, there was no external fuel vent on the car that's for sure, so that petrol smell is a worry...

    I remember removing the tank from the donor (1302s) Beetle and being surprised at the quantity of small bore fuel hose going to various places. I removed all of it, and just had a single fuel line to the engine.
    I didn't have issues with air not entering the tank to replace spent fuel (i.e. there was no 'gulp' of air when I removed the fuel cap) that was either because the Cap was ventilated, or more likely because it wasn't a 100% seal and allowed an inbound trickle of air.
    Those were simpler times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacenut View Post

    I fitted a bi-directional vent valve which I got from Demon Tweeks - basically it has a two-way valve with a small amount of resistance in each direction, just enough to prevent the fuel from evaporating away but not enough to prevent pressure build up in hot weather or filling the tank, and not enough to prevent fuel starvation as the tank is drained.

    It really does work - the car has been in my garage for 12 years now and the smell of raw petrol is long gone...

    That makes sense. I did wonder about the possibility of fuel evaporation with an open vent to atmosphere. Didn't realise that this was addressed by the type of pressure relief valve you have just described.
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    With the fuel filler now installed I have been able to connect the fuel tank up to the engine, fill it with some petrol and run the engine without the need to dip the fuel line into a can of Fuel every time.

    Other progress this week has been fitting the roof seal. This is a D shaped seal which works quite well.


    Finally spent a few hours adjusting the rear suspension height by rotating the spring plate a few splines around the torsion bar. I have raised one side so it no longer sits on the bump stops. The other side will require similar adjustment but it's progress at least.
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    The roof seal looks neat; have you tested it with a water hose test? If its effective, it looks like a good solution.

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    Not yet Martin, but I will be trying it out soon as the car could do with a good wash anyway.
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    Nicked the chrome racing mirrors of my Capri and fitted them to the Nova. The Drivers side works fine but the passenger side is about as usefull as a chocolate teapot. It makes a good ornament though



    The fuel vent I had ordered also arrived so installed this next to the fuel filler. It's a good quality chrome finish which goes well with the filler cap


    Finally, I spent a good few hours adjusting the height of the second spring plate. The car no longer sits on the bump stops but is about 20mm higher on one side. I reckon I'm going to have to drive the car a few miles to see how the suspension settles before deciding which side to adjust up or down. I must admit though, adjustable spring plates would be a nice feature to add to the car
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    Nice work. Getting mirrors to look good and work as they should especial on the passenger side is a bit of a nightmare. I always make sure I can see anything on my left through the rear view mirror before pulling in.


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