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Thread: Andrew's Black Mk1

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    Andrew it's good to see your Nova out & about giving you time to enjoy your work. It also helps while your sorting out any of those niggles that you get with a re build.

    “A plan is only a means of measuring where things went wrong”

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    Hi Andrew, How are you finding the digital Dash?
    Does it link to the VW speedometer cable, or GPS Speedo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve View Post
    Hi Andrew, How are you finding the digital Dash?
    Does it link to the VW speedometer cable, or GPS Speedo?
    The digital dash is great. All the dials and warning lights required are in the one unit. Even in bright sunlight it's easy to read.

    The speedo works by magnetism. There is a magnet you attach to an axle. It was working ok ish (read about 10 mph to low), but before I could make the setup adjustments in the dash it stopped completely. I'm thinking the magnet may have dropped off!

    Acewell do make a cable adaptor though that should connect to a standard beetle cable, that may prove a safer way to go.

    So currently, when the car does run, I use a mobile phone with a GPS speedometer app!

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    Second Show - that didn't happen

    So first the good news, fixed the leaking rocker cover with a new rubber gasket. Also added a coat of paint to tidy it up.
    Oil levels were fine, and the colour was still that light fresh oily colour. Topped up the radiators and the car started OK. Seems the overheating last time I took it out a couple of weeks ago did no major damage.

    Now the not so good news.

    The car started to overheat again while just sat idling. This has never been a problem before. The temperature gauge went up 110, and the radiator fans didn't kick in (again this has not been an issue before). The fans work OK as I have a manual override switch. Didn't help lower the temperature so I switched everything off and waited. There was still water in the radiators so I didn't have a leak.

    Tried again a short while later. This time the temp go to about 119 very quickly, then a hose blew off one of the pipes, spraying me with lukewarm coolant. Re-attached the pipe and resat the rocker gasket (noticed it was still leaking, now on the other side of the head). Topped up the radiators and put the car back in the garage. The 5 minutes that took was enough to set the temperature warning light off again.

    So all this got me thinking, is there something clogging the waterway in the block? Why don't the fans come on when the temperature hits 105? Also the battery light stays on......

    Then I had a eureka moment......
    Hard to see, but the fan belt is missing! Must have come off last time I was out. Would explain why the car was fine for 15 miles, then suddenly started to overheat. Would explain why a temperature sensor reads over 100, but when a pipe comes loose and sprays me I'm not burnt. Would explain why the battery light stays on.

    So new fan belt is required. If it really is that simple, see you in 2 weeks at Castle Coombe.

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    With no water circulation it will be that simple!
    Well done for finding ..

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    Don't you just love those really stubborn problems that turn out to be a super easy fix

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    Lucky you spotted it before any real damage.


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    Nice one Andrew- hopefully an easy fix and back on the road in next to no time!

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    End of year report

    Good news, the Nova has passed another MOT test.

    Quick update on what has happened since my failed attempt to get to Castle Coombe. If you remember I got 1/2 way there before the car stopped on the side of the M4. AA man diagnosed a broken fuel pump and I got recovered back home. the time it has taken Dirk to (practically) re-build his Avante, I swapped a fuel pump....What can I say, life has been busy! Turns out the fuel pump wasn't the issue. The old one worked fine. The problem was with a contorted fuel line. From the tank to the pump has a slight uphill. From the filler to the tank had a slight U. All this (combined with a fuel gauge that didn't work) means that I'd run out of petrol!

    Filler line has now been re-positioned back to the original point, shortened to remove the U, and the fuel gauge calibrated so it now reads full to empty, not just empty all the time.

    Just picked the car up from the garage that had it for a quick check, MOT and new front shocks (more on this). Almost got home without a hitch. The car stopped after about 5 miles. Waited a bit then it started OK & I got home. I'm thinking the engine is running rich & the car flooded. It does cough & splutter quite a lot. Oh and fuel is leaking from the filler pipe. Need to tighten the jubilee clip.

    I've changed the front shock absorbers. When I first bought the car it had coil overs. We replaced these with standard beetle shocks. These were OK, but the nose was very low (less than 2 inches). Looked great, but the nose wouldn't clear any speed bumps, would grind out every time I went in & out of my garage and the tyres would rub if you went lock to lock. Replaced these with coil overs again, theoretically these are 10cm taller than the standard ones. In practice there is now a couple of cm between the from tyre & the wheel arch. It doesn't look weird. I can go lock to lock OK and get into the garage without any grinding noise. Definitely handles differently though.

    They also re-routed & replace the radiator hose that was rubbing on a rear tyre.

    Plans for the winter months....

    1) Tune the engine. I need to get it running reliably so I can get to Stoneleigh next year.
    2) Remount the drivers seat. It's to far back to drive comfortably. I have some low runners that I can try, or failing that just mount it 2 to 3 inches further forward.
    3) Paint the wheels. I'm thinking of changing from black & chrome to a black & white colour scheme. I've got some white 'dip' to try on the wheels. Essentially this is a peelable paint, so in theory if I don't like it the wheel can be peeled back to the original state. If this works OK I'll get the whole car done in a matt or satin black. Been quoted £750 for this, about 1/2 that if I do it myself. I'll see how the wheels look first!

    Driving it still gets my heart pumping faster. It's noisy, smelly & uncomfortable. I've experienced the screen misting issue this morning. Nothing that opening the sun roof & the canopy slightly didn't fix.
    That really feel alive driving a Nova! I love it.

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    Yep, nothing like feeling scared to death to make you feel alive Been there driving mine in heavy rain and misted windows on cold winter nights a few times!

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