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Thread: Idea for single carb beetle engine Novas - air cleaners

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    Idea for single carb beetle engine Novas - air cleaners

    Hi all, not work on my own Nova yet, but the Apal buggy.

    Due to the bodyshell size have been struggling to fit an air cleaner under the shell. I recalled having to cut a hole in Nena the Nova's engine lid to clear air cleaner, so thought this solution may be of interest.
    Not such a new solution really - it is an oil bath remote air cleaner from an early split van. All metal, no rubber bellows to fail and a bracket to support it which bolts under the coil bracket.

    Fits a treat and no cutting of bodyshell required

    Hope it is of interest - just need to refit engine cage and can test drive
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    I would certainly have clearance issues on the width with a SS's inner rear wing I can only just get the DellOrtos in.

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