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Thread: Marks Silver machine

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    My car also has 2 radiators and a lot of water to carry about.
    My wheels and tyres probably weigh far more than other cars..

    Beetles do not have these issues........

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    As opposed to VW T1 800-850 Kg or 1760-1850Lbs. V 982Kg that's 132Kg more
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    Alfasud engine is iron block with alloy heads. According to my notes it weighs 108 kg, vs. 91 kg for a VW boxer. Twice the power mind you! Then there is the weight of the coolant of course - for Giles' rear mounted radiator I assumed 10 kg for the radiator itself and twin electric fans, plus a further 10 kg for the coolant. I suspect my front mounted radiator would add another 20 kg to that total. It all adds up!

    The Nova bodyshell is a particularly thick layup because it was designed to give torsional rigidity to a flimsy flat floorpan. Also the double-skinned canopy and hinge assemblies add to the mass, as does that expanse of windscreen! I don't think there was much difference in the main body weight between models, but I do know that the bonnet, sill panels and undertrays were a thinner layup on Mk2 Novas.

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