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Thread: Sweponken´s Eagle SS

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    Smile Sweponken´s Eagle SS

    Hello and welcome to my history/project thread!

    Well it all started when i almost turned 16 and were able to start practice driving and ofc u want your own car, so i were looking around on the web for used cars, at this time i had no clue that kitcars existed. So one day my dad told me that when he was at my age he dreamed about building one himself.
    so i searched around looking for kitcars, first i found a ft bonito and some other they didnt know the name but they wanted to sell both at once and i were not able to buy both because of space and money... so i kept looking around and i found a silverhawk but it were to far away from the place i live so i kinda gave up looking for one. Then one day i realised i havnt checked for a kitcar for a couple of weeks, so i searched and i found the eagle, it wasnt located to far away and it looked awesome. I got so exited about the eagle so i ran downstairs to get my dad to take a look at it. He agreed on the awesome part but since there wasnt any price set on it he told me to ask the guy who were selling it if it still was for sale and the price for it. The rest of that day i were sitting watching my email to see if he answered, and when i recived a reply from the guy saying it still were up for sell my mind got into the state I WANT THAT CAR! so i started to ask for more pictures and information about the eagle. he asked for my phone number and after a few minutes i got a call from him. He answered all the questions and told me some other things about it and that he had one himself built on a Vw, so i asked him for the price again and the answer i got was : I wanted your number to see if it was as i thought a kid whos getting his first car, then he told me that he was exactly the same at my age so he told me the price wich was ~550 Euros. So i asked my dad and he talked to my mother and the seller and they decided that we could buy it as a father and son project. Sadly there wasnt any engine since the frame were homebuilt and the windscreen were missing same with the hood in the front but he told us building the eagle on to a vw is easier and not as expensive to get on the road since there were still alot to do on that frame.
    So we decided to go there and get it the next weeked and i were so excited the whole week i just wanted to go there immediately. When we got there the first thing i could see inside was the front peeking out the entrance of the barn it was inside, when we walked into the barn i took a picture:

    There was a windscreen laying on the roof of the eagle and he told us that he had that 1 and that it was almost the same as the one that were missing on the eagle and it would fit with a bit of modification. He showed us the eagle he did build :

    We though that it would take like a hour or so talking to the guy, paying and put it on the trailer but i thing we were there for around 5 hours looking at all the cars and other vehicles he had. Here is a picture hes friend took when we had it loaded on the trailer :

    At the time we didnt have any closed space for it at home so it were sitting in our carport untill we found a garage to work on it in:

    And after a few days working on it removing all the mounts to the frame,lights, loose parts and some sanding the snow arrived and were blowing into the carport.

    When the weather got nicer we removed the last bolts and we tried to lift the body and it were loose :P
    so we asked a neighbour for help to lift it off and it were pretty easy for 3 people lifting and 1 pushing away the frame

    Sadly the guy who build the homemade frame had cut alot away from the eagle body to make it fit the frame..

    The homemade frame got sold to a guy who built a nova with a saab 900 engine. it got sold a few days ago but i didnt manage to get a picture of it

    We started looking for a Vw that wasnt to far away and were complete. My parents went to a party and my dad talked about our project and a guy there said that he had a kitcar that he built himself but had no time to complete it and that he could sell it to us and that the vw frame was renovated last summer and it had been sitting in a garage so it was in a good conditon so we went to take a look at it and ofc we bought it :P
    Next time i am at the place where the car is i am gonna take a picture of that homemade body, but i got some on the vw and a bit of the homemade body:

    When we did get the homemade body off we went to get the eagle body and lifted it on the vw to see if it fitted and where we could make new mounts for the body.

    My dad managed to get a big piece of acrylic glass that we could use to build the hood out of so we took some measures and cut it out, it turned out pretty nice.

    I think it was around 5 months since i worked on it since ive had much in school and other hobbies that have taken alot of my spare time and not much money to put into it eighter. But now i got less hours in school and more time to work on it.
    Gonna take some pictures of the body mounts when i go there next time.

    Well this is whats done so far and i will update as much as i can to let u guys see the eagle rise to be complete.

    The paint i decided i want on it is the Volvo Polestar blue with black rims, i think that would be a good combination.
    I bought a wing for it but i am not sure if i am gonna use it since i think it looks good without one and for the taillights i got inspired by the ones peter got on his eagle i would like to get some close to those since it looks so good

    I found some pictures on the eagle the guy i bought mine from build :

    The last 2 pictures is from a car meet in norway.
    What i know right now there is only 2 Eagles in Sweden, maybe u guys know if there is anymore ?

    This is all for now, i hope u guys wanna follow the build of this eagle. I know it is a lot of text right now but i felt to write the history of the eagle.

    Cya around


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    Looks like all the bits are coming together. At least you can get the rolling chassis ready quickly.
    Bit concerned about the ,"making the screen fit', it rarely works out well. New ones are available from Pilkingtons about Ł350 plus shipping

    There looks like a lot of glass fiber work as there is a LOT of the original body missing.
    There is diy on the EOC forum who is in Belgium and has two SSs and may be able to make you a VW version bonnet of not I'm sure one can be found.

    You will also need front a boot box section, front bulkhead, (sits about 35cm behind boot) and rear wall, centre section for nose/ splitter, inner tub sides down to mounting flange.

    Do you have the headlights, (same as Porsche 928 pop ups) and lifter and motor.
    My tail lights are Cavalier gl with 5 cm removed from each side next to the number plate.

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    The thing we have to do with the windscreen is to cut down 2 cm i think it was since its a bit longer, can see if i am able to take a pic on it.
    With the headlights i think we were gonna do something similar to what the guy i bought it from did as u can see on the last 2 pictures.
    I found the taillights complete almost new in the uk around christmas but he didnt wanna send them wich was kinda sad.

    yeah i know there is alot of glassfiber work , the side skirts are a bit scratched too, small pieces missing on a few points same with the back hood and doors.

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    I've still got a slightly battered original orangey-red bonnet sheltering my chickens should it be needed.....I quite like the idea of louvring on the back of the Eagle, first Eagle rear end I've seen that makes any sense!
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    It's a 52 year old car and everything works, just not always at the same time.......and it's probably about to get jealous!
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    There ya go, one bonnet already.

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    Some people see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask, why not?” JFK
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