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Thread: Wanted Eagle ss on a vw chassis.

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    Wanted Eagle ss on a vw chassis.

    I am looking for a complete eagle ss on a beetle chassis with proper v5.
    Non running Eagle or one that has been off road for a few years would be perfect for me.
    Main thing is that it is complete and has previously been registered.
    Vw chassis only.
    0777995456seven is the number and gmacz10(at)
    Text or email and I will get back to you.
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    I've taken the liberty of altering your email address slightly as it's a bad idea to stick full live clickable ones on't forum....
    It's a 52 year old car and everything works, just not always at the same time.......and it's probably about to get jealous!
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    Thanks for the email alteration.

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    One up for sale now and with a type three variant engine too.
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